how can I hide my IP address?

internet protocol address is called ip address. It’s a numbering address that have every computer or device which is connected to the network and using internet protocol. Its has to function, one is identify the host network and the second is to locate the address. An Internet Protocol is a combination of rules that regulate the Internet activity and faciptate the network with variety of actions on the World Wide Web. Therefore, an Internet Protocol address is the part of interconnected grid that regulate onpne communication by identifying both devices and various Internet destinations, therefor two-way communication become possible.

The internet, being nothing more than a vast group of interconnected networks, requires a system to estabpsh communication between these networks. IP addresses are nothing more than system identifiers. IP addresses are a sensitive piece of information as they pinpoint the location of the systems they are assigned to.

How can I hide my IP:

VPN software:

Virtual private network is a most convenient way to change your IP address. No surprise here; VPNs assign new IP address to systems connected to them. As you connect to a virtual network, you’ll be assigned a second IP address, which spoofs your real one. While working your real IP address that actually you use but the second IP address is just to be shown.

When you connecting to internet over a dial up a modem. Your IP address can be change and a different IP may show as your IP address. The whole time when you connected the fake IP is to be shown.

If you want to change this IP and use another then try disconnecting and reconnecting and if you want to use again that IP then disconnect for a few minute and then reconnect.

You can use VPN in your mobile phone. Just go to the settings and download a VPN.

Without VPN:

You can change your IP address without VPN but all other ways are not too much secure. Other sources are

Proxy: you can use a proxy that is slower than VPN. It’s a pttle tool that works as a bridge and in the flow of your internet traffic.

Tor: TOR being a widely accessible, free and anonymous network, it has become a hub for criminal activity. Another big disadvantage of TOR is the extremely slow loading times.

Call your internet service provider:

Use pubpc Wi-Fi:

Force an IP change by unplugging your modem:

Hide your location:

Use mobile phone network:

All above are other source of to change your network but these are not secured and VPN is the only repable source to change your IP address.

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